Meditation = Healthy mind + healthy body… It’s all connected
Weds., October 4, 2017, 7:00 PM – 8:15
Where: NE Portland (address provided upon payment)
Cost: $25 prepay ($30 at class)

  • Kindly RSVP to Donna for prior to class

Join us for presentation to apply long-term behavioral change, followed by an easy to follow GUIDED Meditation. In class you will learn information/tools to change your thought process combined with deep breathing and guided meditation for optimal results. During meditation all the blood flow is sent to your internal organs and heart rate goes down.  The body knows how to heal itself. Learn how your limited thoughts, harmful beliefs, and the impact of negative people or your past, keep you stuck!

Science now reveals our thoughts create our choices and actions, which impact our health! Every thought you have ignites a chemical event in your body and that informs every cell and impacts everything going on in your life.