Meditation = Healthy mind + healthy body… It’s all connected

Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 6:30 PM – 8:15 (includes break)

Cost: $25 Save $5 bring a friend pay $20

Where: Celeste Foods, 93 Utica St, Clinton, NY 13323  (across Lutheran Home)

Join us for presentation, followed by GUIDED Meditation. This class provides tools to deal with a stressed society, health issues or negative/toxic people.

Science now reveals our thoughts create our choices and actions, which impact our health. Every thought you have ignites a chemical event in your body and that informs every cell and determines the quality of your health. Your cells have an impact on everything that is going on in your life.  Your brain activity creates all of your perception, your responses, your performance and what you create in all aspects of life, which affects your health.

Donna Dzwonkas is a Mind/Energy Coach and works with people to enhance the pathway from your heart to your brain.  In class you will learn information/tools to change your thought process combined with deep breathing and guided meditation for people who want better results. Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, eat better, overcome a disease, heal from a divorce or be a better person, take a class or schedule individual coaching with Donna to learn this process.

During relaxation all the blood flow is sent to your internal organs, heart rate goes down and you have more energy for growth, repair and creativity.

Learn how to protect your energy and manage your emotional intelligence in a toxic environment or bad health diagnosis. Donna overcame a serious digestion issue improved her health, and slowed down her excessive monkey mind by integrating this information and meditating. Once you learn the information and begin meditation, the body knows how to heal.

3 Options to Register:  Mail your check payable to: Life Coach Donna, Celeste Foods, 93 Utica St, Clinton, NY 13323. Write attention Donna Dzwonkas on envelope, or pay at class.

Contact Donna to save a spot in class.  Bring someone to class and you save $5.

Text/Call 503.421.2558or email: