Guided Meditation

Class: Accomplish Change; Understand your Mind, Brain & Thoughts 

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Neuroplasticity says we are changed by every new thought we have. This class shares the new science to to help achieve your resolutions and goals. Learn how to access the Present, live the Law of Attraction and enter through the door to the quantum field, where all potentials exist! Also learn:

• How to change your habits to achieve your goals
• How to reinvent a new self and change “from the inside out.”
• How to change the thoughts you commonly think, the behaviors you frequently demonstrate, and the emotions you have memorized.

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How we think, act and feel creates our current personal reality or personality. This effects if we accomplish our New Years Resolution and 2016 Goals. Learn how to remove filters, think & feel a new thought and change emotional addictions that block the flow of energy. If you are familiar with the quantum field, your energy blocks your desires when you have self-defeating thoughts or live in fear.

Move into the present moment,  to create your future reality. The process starts with thoughts, which generate the feeling. Your brain sends out a chemical to match how you feel emotionally.   You get to choose; self-limiting thoughts or limitless thoughts.

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