1P9A2707Every thought you have ignites a chemical event in your body to inform every cell and determines the quality of your health. Your cells have an impact on everything that is going on in your life. Your brain activity creates all of your perception, your responses  your performance and everything you create in all aspects of your life.

Donna is a Mind/Energy Coach and works with people to enhance the pathway from your heart to your brain.  If you desire more physical or mental energy, work with Donna to change your thought process combined with deep breathing and guided meditation for people who want better results. Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, eat better, overcome a disease, heal from a divorce or be a better person, schedule individual coaching or take a class to learn this process.

Tuesday, March 7,  6:30 – 8:15 PM                                                                                                      Class: Meditation = Healthy mind + healthy body… It’s all connected
Where: 93 Utica Street, Clinton, NY

Cost: $20 if you bring a friend or $25
RSVP: Donna 503.421.2558 (text or call)

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Join us for a presentation, followed by GUIDED Meditation. This class provides tools to deal with a stressed society, health issues or negative/toxic people.

~ Individual or Small Group Coaching Sessions ~

Donna helps people break through the self-imposed barriers that hold them back from their passions, goals or improved health.  Our beliefs and thoughts create our destiny. Donna can show you tools to reinvent yourself or change certain areas in your life.

Contact Donna if you are interested in learning more about Individual or small group Consultations.

~ Customized Meditation Recordings to achieve Change ~

Donna records customized, motivating and meditations CD’s to help change your beliefs. This helps clients break through self-limiting beliefs that block your goals.  If you want to decrease stress, improve sleep, loose weight, find a loving partner or experience more internal peace, working with Donna can help.  “Energy vampires” occur when we do not have order in our lives.  Our creative energy is drained when we live with toxic thoughts/beliefs about ourselves.

When you’re living in stress such as negative mind chatter & beliefs, negative relationship, toxic coworker or a difficult boss, it affects your health.   Stress affects our cells, heart and causes disease.  Working with Donna can help hard wire new thought patterns that lead to new actions and behaviors to achieve your goals or improve your health.

We are losing our ability to pay attention. In this technological society it is vital to have “mental peace” to not loose our ability to connect with others.  Donna works with people to teach you to be more mindful and slow down the internal mind chatter.  Her guided meditations are easier to learn to get into the zone where you turn off the circuits and not think so much!

Some benefits of becoming mindful and meditating improves sleep, lowers your heart rate, improves memory and your ability to focus, and reduces stress.

Client testimonial:

“Working with Donna has been great! The extra 150 pounds were easier to lose then all the self-limiting beliefs I developed and carried around with it.  With her guidance, I’m learning how to evolve my brain to reflect my new reality and kick that old crap out! Her guided meditations are so powerful…”